10 Early Signs of Anal Cancer That Many Are Too Embarrassed To Talk About

There are many health problems which people agonizingly suffer daily but are too embarrassed to talk about much less consult a doctor. Social taboos, judgmental attitudes over hygiene and simple fear stop many from getting an early diagnosis and have a happy painless life.

Lump Outside the Anus

If you notice a lump outside your anus, you should start monitoring it. If the lump increases in size, it’s a tumor. Once the tumor increases, pain will soon follow, because that means it’s growing and spreading all across the body.

Unusual Bowel Movements

The symptoms of anal cancer are unfortunately similar to many other trivial diseases and infections. But chronic unusual bowel movements should be closely monitored. If you are going to much or too little to the washroom, contact your specialist immediately.

Anal fissure

Another painful sign of possible anal cancer is the rupturing of the anoderm which is the tissue line between anus and anal canal. Most of the time due to trauma or cancer this tissue fissures, causing extreme pain during bowel movements, creating more ripping and abrasions in an area which is dense with sensory nerves.

Difficulty passing stools

Constipated patients might confuse this as their problem, but anal cancer does not stem from just hard stool. The blockage here is because of an anal cancer tumor obstructing the way. Again the feeling may seem like constipation or pain and pressure in the belly and possible pain once you manage to go, but do not take it lightly and see a doctor when such things happen.

Anal Swelling

Constant irritation of itching, allergies, pinworms, yeast etc all these can form a nasty swelling all around the anus region making it uncomfortable to lie down or sit. Usually, it’s triggered through anal itching as discussed earlier called Pruritus Ani which is irritation of skin near the rectum.

Anal cancer is rare
Anal cancer is one such rare form of cancer which violates your self-esteem. I hear those sex workers who work on websites similar to are slightly more likely to develop anal cancer. It also adds the fear of ultimate painful fatality as well. But still people shy out and foolishly overlook the symptoms of this deadly disease, till it’s too late. How do you recognize the early symptoms of this malady so that you can mentally prepare yourself for getting medical intervention as early as possible? Here are some tell-tale signs of anal cancer which would put us on guard and act fast.