10 Early Signs of Anal Cancer That Many Are Too Embarrassed To Talk About

What causes anal cancer?
Before we begin we must clearly understand the causes of anal cancer which is caused by genetic mutations turn healthy normal cells into abnormal ones. These abnormal mutated cells do not finish their normal life cycle and never die and are usually out of control. Since they do not perish naturally they create a mass tumor.
The symptoms could be embarrassing no doubt but if treated they can be life saving. Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies but they are usually dormant, until triggered by poor lifestyles, unhealthy diets and weakened immunity. Once active, they spread to nearby tissues and throughout the body, which can be a truly scary scenario; there are some certain risk factors such as anal copulaton, which has been medically linked with anal cancer but also HIV. HPV (another form of sexually transferred infection) is another risk which triggers the chances of re-triggering anal cancer.