10 Haunting Celebrity Deaths That Are Still Unexplained

They spend their lives under the limelight, and, sometimes, even their deaths are the subject of unrelenting media scrutiny. Here are 10 of the still unsolved celebrity death cases.

Well, some of them might be solved as far as authorities are concerned, but for the public, they’re still shrouded in mystery.

Diana, Princess Of Wales
Everybody knows of the tragic fate of the People’s Princess. Lady Di died in a horrible car crash in Paris in 1997.
The car crash was real, no doubt about that, hordes of paparazzi witnessed it, still to this day many think Diana was murdered, together with her lover Dodi al-Fayed.
Lady Di had already stated she feared for her life, and she had reasons. There were rumors she was pregnant and about to get married to a Muslim. Now that would have been a tad awkward for the royal family.