10 Wildly Successful Stars Who Were Bullied At School

They’re on top of the world, they are adored by fans and mobbed by paparazzi, but many celebrities did not have it easy when they were kids.

To hear them talk about their school experiences, it’s hard to believe there was a time when some of the most successful and beautiful people in the world were bullied, laughed at, or spat on.

And, yet, some have pretty horrific stories to tell about their teenage years. Let’s have a look at the rough childhood of some of your favorite celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence
The odds were not in her favor when she was a kid. The Hunger Games star had a tough time in elementary school, as her classmates, especially the girls, were often mean to her.
This is why she had to change schools several times. When Jennifer Lawrence went to middle school, things got a little better, although she still remembers an incident when a girl asked her to help her distribute invitations for her birthday party… a party, the actress, was not invited to! How mean is that?
Well, it must be said, Lawrence stood up for herself and answered in kind to some of the more vicious bullies.