Hemangioma of the hip

Since the hip is a large area, the giant vein can be seen. As in other areas of the body, surgical intervention with surgery is very difficult. It is not only difficult but also not preferred by experts. In the picture attached below, the patient was treated with completely non-surgical methods. You will see the developments before the treatment is started and the treatment process continues. Called Giant Hemangioma
In such giant cases, treatment can take a long time. A serious reduction has been achieved in the problem of the patient who is still being treated. At the end of the treatment, it will remain approximately as much as the other hip. The treatment can last for months in hemangiomas that have reached such large volumes. Since there is no other solution, the patient should start by knowing this. On the other hand, the cost of treatment can be high, as it is a long and laborious process.

Sclerotherapy Method Preferred
IDEA Clinic uses non-surgical surgical methods and advanced technologies for its patients. Sclerotherapy is mainly used in such large cases. It is the foaming of the drug, which is described as a foam treatment, with the help of a device and making it to be injected into the hemangioma area.
Other methods such as laser and radio frequency methods are inadequate in such large cases.
In order to obtain a satisfactory result, the doctor who is experienced in this field must be compatible with the treatment.

Hip Deformity
Since the enlarged veins for many years cause the loss of the fat tissue in the buttocks, the subcutaneous adipose tissues of these patients are insufficient, it is inevitable that there will be pitting in this area when the problematic structure is destroyed. Since it will be smaller compared to the opposite hip, it can cause an uncomfortable appearance.
In this case, if the cupping in the hip looks bad, the hemangioma can be filled with filling after the treatment is completely over.
Hip filling can be done with artificial fillings, but since tissue reaction and rejection may occur, the person’s own fat tissue should be evaluated first. It is taken with liposuction with excess fat in the basins or belly and injected into the missing areas, ie hollow areas. The result is pleasing, since it is the person’s own adipose tissue, it is 100% compatible.